Note: Trying to get back into the fiction groove. I’ll be getting back to Stranger soon. This was kind of a stream of consciousness piece, and it’s a little more creepy than my standard fair. If you’re not a fan of horror you might want to skip it.

Red eyes stared at her through the darkness. Slowly, she became aware of herself. She was leaning down, balanced on her toes with her arms on her knees, looking down. It was dark: she couldn’t see anything except those eyes looking up from below her feet. Without taking her eyes off them, she slowly tried to stand up. She was only half way when she bumped into something. Still keeping her eyes on the red eyes below, her hand reached out and found a rocky ceiling above her, about four feet from the ground.

She tried to remember. Where was she? How had she gotten here? Why was she here? Nothing came to her, all she could think about were those eyes. She moved her foot a bit and water rippled. She slowly bent down and touched the ground near her feet. About an inch of water, cold, above a floor of uneven rock. She moved her head to the side and the eyes followed. Reflections, then? How could they be reflections, her eyes weren’t red. They were… she couldn’t remember. She couldn’t picture anything but the eyes looking back up at her from the water. But they couldn’t be hers.

She wanted to look away, to close her eyes, to blink even. But she couldn’t make herself do it. She felt around, trying to orient, trying to find anything that would jog her memory or allow her mind some focus other than the reflected eyes that couldn’t be hers. The ceiling seemed to slope upwards ahead, so with her eyes still locked on the reflection she started carefully moving forward.

She hadn’t moved far before she noticed that the ground was sloping downward, and by the time she could stand straight up she was up to her knees in water. She kept walking forward, shivering and keeping her hand on the ceiling. By the time she was waist deep she had to stand on her toes and stretch to keep her hands on the ceiling. It felt like a lifeline, like something important. Her fingers desperately stretched to hold on to it while her feet slowly moved her forward.

But the only way to keep going was to let go, so she did. It wasn’t much farther before the water reached her neck. By the time her eyes touched their discolored reflections she had entirely given up wondering what she was doing or why, and she was completely unaware as the red light flowed from the water in to devour her.


One response to “Reflection

  1. Um. Yikes. Some repeated words (Slowly, Still I noticed a lot) but Creeeeeeeeeeepy. Very nice!

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