Some real hope and change

For the first time in about six years, I’m feeling hopeful about the Republican party. At the annual Republican retreat big issues included finding a way to not ruin the economy and not talking about rape. I know some are mystified that these are things that need to be said. That’s fair, but here we are. In the madness of the last campaign they needed to be said to some, but they were not. That they are being said now is progress.

Combine that with an actual compromise on the debt ceiling and I feel like we’re seeing a really good shift in attitude. The compromise isn’t simple, as rather than raise the debt limit it will allow the government to temporarily ignore it. It’s contingent on the Senate passing a budget, and it’s only a three month solution. But it’s a good solution, reached well in advance of the deadline. This type of negotiation, with the Republicans asking for something reasonable and the Democrats agreeing to it with time to spare, was unthinkable last year when the debt ceiling was an issue.

I want to be clear here. I don’t want the Republican party to compromise its ideals. I’m looking for them to reject obvious falsehoods, like birtherism. I’m looking for them to accept hard truths, like global climate change and the economics of depressions. But most of all, I’m looking for them to embrace compromise and to accept the idea that they will always have to share power with people they disagree with. We’re still a long ways from there, but this debt ceiling resolution gives me hope that we’re moving in that direction.


What do you think?

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