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Please excuse my bitter, joyless laughter

From the Washington Post:
“Some of those opposed to pulling out of the pact, however, said that much of the data the other side presented was either erroneous, scientifically dubious, misleading or out of date.”
To be clear: it’s gratifying in a petty, spiteful sense, to see Trump allies fail to overcome the forces they used to get where they are. To see them desperately fighting for something they recognize as important, but being defeated by the very forces they used to get where they are is, not good, but poetic. Schadenfreude is probably the right word here.
Meanwhile, as to the larger article, the takeaway here seems to be that if Trump is wrong telling him won’t help, and showing him evidence won’t help. It might actually be counter productive.
“Some of the efforts to dissuade Trump from withdrawing actually had the reverse effect, further entrenching his original position.”
Trump is, after all, a conspiracy theorist. This isn’t new information, and I’m not sure how helpful it is. But as a reality that now defines US politics, it’s important to recognize.